Hale Future School 2017: Transformation - Collaboration - Opportunity

Where 21st century students have needs,
then 21st century teachers have responsibilities.

Most of us understand that the students of the 21st century must develop important intellectual skills: Creativity, problem-solving, building interconnected knowledge, collaborating constructively, communicating their thinking and utilising ICT. Therefore, teachers in the 21st century must be creative, demonstrate problem-solving, teach across disciplines, collaborate, communicate well and utilise the capacities of ICT.

In the traditional classroom, non-maths teachers didn't teach maths. Why should teachers be allowed to teach in the 21st century bereft of, or be indifferent to, the skills and processes the 21st century learner requires?

Hale Future School, previously known as Hale21 Future School (or Hale21FS), is a project designed to empower rural primary teachers to build networks of interconnected, online communities of teachers and classrooms across Western Australia; teach the art and science of teaching and learning for the 21st century.

For further information about the programme, or to apply on behalf of your school to participate please contact Mr Michael Valentine, the Director of Distance Learning at Hale School, using the details below:

Phone:  (+61) 08 9347 0185
Mobile: (+61) 0439 697 108
Email:   michaelv@hale.wa.edu.au