Unit 10: "Fire on the snow"

Here, you'll find the latest work (June 2015) for the brilliant Hale21FS students.

This week's activities focus upon the exploration of the South Pole. In a period of 20 years or so many men sought to reach the South Pole or cross the entire continent. This took place from about 1895 through to 1925. With no phones or GPS it was like travelling to another planet. The most tragic and probably most famous expedition was that of Englishman Robert Falcon Scott and his men in 1911. It is known as the Terra Nova expedition, named after his ship.

Click for more on the Terra Nova expedition.

The radio-play: Fire on the Snow.

This is a challenging exercise. I have prepared a slide show on YouTube which introduces you to the famous radio-play "Fire on the snow", a powerful story about Robert Falcon's Scott expedition. Radio plays were very popular before television was invented. I have used a short scene from the play which is about how R.F. Scott and his men struggled to stay alive once they knew they had lost the race to the south pole and the weather turned very nasty indeed. In this scene the men ask the Doctor, Dr Edward Wilson, to hand out the powerful pain killer drug opium to each of the remaining men. It is a powerful and confronting scene. The men want the option to take the drug, and to go to sleep and never wake up, when they believe there is no chance of surviving. Dr Wilson gives some powerful reasons as to why he will not hand over the drug. What are these reasons?

Can you prepare a creative and powerful video response which introduces the context of the story and then clearly explains the passionate reasons Dr Wilson gave as to why he would not hand over the opium?

Below is a snip of Oscar's response from last year; dressed appropriately, great background and his sister (behind the sheet) throwing flour on him to represent snow!! Brilliant!