Hale Future School International Project May 2017

Hale Future School

Transformation Collaboration Opportunity

                        Hale Future School’s global classroom project May 17, 2017

This week 4 boys from Hale@home 2017, as well as students from several schools in the Hale Future School programme, joined students from Moscow, County Tipperary in Ireland, and Valencia Spain in a dynamic virtual classroom. It was the first of 3 online sessions for this futuristic class group investigating collaborative STEM projects with a focus on preparing creative demonstrations of understanding for a global, live audience. The stunning technology being utilised, and the educational energy drawn from such an innovative project, transcended time and cultural differences.


This snip above from the session shows students in Moscow introducing themselves to an audience on Tuesday evening which included Hale@home boys from Mt. Magnet, Williams, Narrogin and Esperance; as well as boys and girls from Caversham Primary School and Cascade Primary School on their farms surrounding Esperance. A total of 90+ students are involved with the project with it being designed and delivered from Hale School each week. The Australian students were all at home for a 6.00pm start Perth time. The students in Moscow, Valencia and Tipperary were in their classrooms. The work is designed and delivered by Michael Valentine, Director of Distance Education at Hale School.

Our Spanish friends pictured here above are from Julio Verne Bi-Lingual School in Valencia and were involved in Hale Future School’s first international collaborative project last year. Then, students from across Western Australia created a memorable collaborative piece of writing with Ms Flor Irod’s Year 6 class. Ms Irod introduced Michael Valentine to Marina Klimenko at Gym School 1517 in Moscow and Ms Eithne Darcy at Carrig School in Ireland.  An idea formed and planning has been in place for only a matter of weeks. The Hale Future School platform and curriculum context has founded a project with incredible potential. Ms Kerry Gillies at Caversham Primary School, east of Perth, has been involved with Hale Future School for 4 years. Kerry’s commitment to her most capable students saw her join the session from home last night as well. Kerry’s technology skills inspire all regular members of the Hale Future School community each week as her students creatively utilise Kerry’s passion for technology. Hale Future School values unique demonstrations of understanding, primarily perhaps; and the Caversham Primary students are always guaranteed to present their work memorably each week.   

OneNote online is of course at the heart of the programme. WebEx provides a most reliable and stable virtual classroom. Microsoft 365, provided by Hale School, provides a portal for all students to securely meet and work. It is a breath-taking context.  Our next session will see students presenting their demonstrations of understanding to their global classmates. Truly, an authentic audience.

Above Ms Kerry Gillies watches her classes video introducing Caversham Primary to the global audience. Below, our friends from Carrig National School in Ireland introduce us to their local village pub.


The presentations by the West Australian students, all of whom were logging into the classroom from home independently, certainly attracted the attention of our overseas classmates. Michael Dowden spoke about his home at Challa Station beyond Mt Magnet, Lachlan Roberts mentioned he had been riding motor-bikes since he was 4 years old and Charlie Stead introduced his slide show with beautiful images of Esperance beaches and the golden canola crops at home.

The students now have 5 tasks to choose from to complete this week. Students will choose their unit of work and their findings will be loaded onto collaborative pages within OneNote. Each page will see work from all over the world begin to appear over the next week. Videos, constructions, photos are all possible mediums for demonstrating understanding in each unit. A new article next week will feature the students’ presentations.

The future of education will be built upon being connected and collaborative. Hale Future School informs our community about how to connect and collaborate with students and teachers anywhere in the world, virtually seamlessly. Hale Future School is a disruptive innovation; it defies convention and changes mindsets.   A school that leads in the 21st century builds upon the ideas and the mistakes it makes as it takes risks with new ideas. A leading school builds intellectual capital and educational confidence as it recognises and embraces the capacity of technology to transform our teaching world. Then it communicates the powerful new stories that come from these educational   excursions into new teaching and learning landscapes.                                                    Michael Valentine Hale School May 2017.