Hale@home reaches out to families face-to-face!

As part of Hale@home, Michael Valentine and Heath McCabe spent time late last week with 14 of the families involved in this unique, innovative programme. Instaed of meeting online we went bush! Travelling 1500kms over two days, Michael and Heath had morning tea in Mingenew, a late lunch in Nungarin, breakfast in Lake Grace then wrapped up the whirlwind trip with a catch up in Popanyinning! Hale@home, the School’s pre-boarding transition programme, now in its fifth year and has 21 boys involved in 2017. The boys work online with Michael and Heath each week, enabling them to get to know each other before their big journey to Brine House in January next year. The virtual classroom features WebEx conferencing and a brilliant work-space platform using Microsoft 365 and OneNote. 


More information at www.haleathome.com.au